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Nov 5, 2012 2:30pm PST
people to show what will win the election. >> thank you very much. we turn our attention now to syria. activists say a suicide bomber has killed at least 50 government soldiers. it comes as there is break out between regime troops and rebels in damascus. >> violence in the capital escalates. they are holding talks. there are under pressure from the international community to find common ground. >> there is no and to the violent images emerging in syria. this time, it is where they brought more dead and more wounded. the military is not shying away from heavy weapons. a suicide car killed at least 50 syrian troops. and the diplomatic front, russia says dialogue is the way to peace. >> we fully support the regional quartet initiative that has been launched to resolve the syrian crisis. >> that quartet comprises opponents of the regime. egypt and saudi arabia, as well as syrians ally, iran. calls for dialogue are in directly aimed at the syrian opposition which is meeting to search for greater unity. the national council and opponents within syria itself. hear, the groups under pressure
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
the money colon to republican candidates. syria's main opposition groups have opened up unity talks in qatar. the meeting comes days after the obama administration withdrew its support for that syrian national council and said syria's opposition to be more representative. on sunday, syrian forces shelled a palestinian camp near damascus. more than 11 people were wounded in the capital when a bomb struck a government building. in kuwait, state forces have again attacked a protest of thousands of people challenging the ruling monarchy's's effort to change electoral laws. the regime has stoked anger after but dissolving parliament and opposing voting laws on sunday, the kuwaiti police fired stun grenades, tear gas, and smoke bombs at protesters blocking a major road south of the capital of kuwait city. it was the second crackdown inside kuwait in two weeks. an israeli television network is reporting israel's military leaders rebuffed orders from prime minister netanyahu and defence minister a who brock -- ehud barak during an order to strike. the order was rejected after top officials con
Nov 5, 2012 8:30am EST
. there's a civil war in syria. should the united states be doing more to help the opposition to the syria government? >> no, i'm the peace and prosperity candidate, and peace is peace on earth, not just in the lower 50 or 48, and i am opposed to war because it creates more problems than it solves, and things can be settled peacefully. there's one example going back to the nuclear menace that the f-35 represents. if i'm elected, i would create a new federal department by merging two existing ones, namely, it would be called the department of social and national security. social being the partners, and then that's fully funded. the rest goes to the national security. i'm not afraid of attacks us. >> moderator: mr. sanders, syria? sanders: i not only voted against the war in iraq, but the ethics voted against the gulf war, and after two wars, 6,000 soldiers, costs us over $3 trillion added to our national debt. no, i do not think that we should be involved in the caring of syria. assad killed tens of thousands of his own people. it's appropriate that we arm the rebels, but do it in a very ca
Nov 5, 2012 7:00am EST
it vetoed a resolution for syria's president to stand down. they've become involved in regional territory disputes with japan and philippines, and as the biggest investors in africa, they have been accused of propping up people. and increasingly competitive relationship growing between the united states and china. making china a key topic of debate in the lead up to this month's u.s. presidential election. >> now, how good profit wise? >> they actually rose about 10%, the company made about $775 million. helped by the fact that they've had a surge in patent traffic with lots of people who came over here to watch the olympic games. what's really interesting is the future. now, their rival is private tiesing 2006, and they made an attempt to get it but they failed. they didn't get the support of the irish government, they didn't have the support of the unions or u.n. regulators, but their boss is confident that this time around things could actually be moving in their direction. this is what he said to us. >> if they apply the same ruling they did when the airlines were allowed to
Nov 5, 2012 10:00am EST
three years. you've had dramatic circumstances in egypt and libya and tunisia. they're working on syria. you could point to examples in borrow ran, for example, that's not moving as fast. part of the obama philosophy is very -- which is very interesting is trying to find what is possible in this area that does not get america caught in the trap of unnecessary war, repetition of quagmire. you have two examples of egypt and libya which are most striking. people on the streets clear my opposition to the dictator there. there are plenty of examples, for example, bush in tan man square. -- ton man square. -- tiananmen square. there's lots of examples where we tell folks -- bush sr. and iraq telling saddam if you want to crack down the shia, so be it . and because of that factor, that's one of the key factors that got them pushed out. libya was a different story where you have the possibility of a massacre occurring and obama said i would like to stop that from happening, very much so. but if i can't get a true blue international coalition through the u.n., then i might not do it. >> how abou
Nov 4, 2012 5:00pm PST
heat tomorrow. we'll look at the numbers coming up. >> ama: also coming up, another attack in syria, the government uprisings and the civilians are beginning to get the aid they'd need. >> the political fight brewing in oakland where one candidate >> a blast in dam mass a tore through several buildings and injured 12 people. the close comes -- the explosion comes after the red cross delivered aid to civilians in their homes. homes have been the center of some of the worst fighting since the uprising began in march last year. >> a campaign mailer is leading to threats of a lawsuit voofling a candidate for oakland city attorney. jane brunner held a press conference today to condemn what she calls, quote, the outrageous lie in a campaign mailer from appointed city attorney barbara parker. it claims brunner has been suspended from practicing law which she says is not true and will file a libel suit against parker. >> there was a short period when i was running for city cowj in 18995 i was not practicing law and was not active, but i was not suspended. >> parker's campaign consultant cla
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
syria swept up a new group today. fighting raged near a palestinian refugee camp in southern damascus. activists said palestinian radicals supporting the syrian government were battling other palestinians. elsewhere in the capital, a car packed with explosives detonated in a main square, killing at least 11 people. the blast heavily damaged nearby buildings, and littered the streets with charred debris. and in the central province of hama, a suicide car bomb killed at least 50 syrian soldiers and gunmen. across greece today, services ground to a halt in the face of a new protest against austerity measures. the governing coalition presented its latest package to parliament, $17 billion in spending cuts and tax hikes. in response, transport workers, journalists, doctors, and many shopkeepers stopped work for 48 hours. many showed up for marches in athens to show their opposition. trading was light on wall street today ahead of the presidential election. the dow jones industrial average gained 19 points to close at 13,112. the nasdaq rose more than 17 points to close above 2,999
Nov 5, 2012 5:30pm EST
world now. more than 80 people have been killed in another day of intense violence in syria. a car bomb ripped through a predominantly pro-government area of the capital, damascus, killing 11 people and injuring several dozen. opposition activists reported several government air strikes including one which they say killed 14 civilians. a u.s. army soldier accused of killing 16 afghan villagers in a drunken rampage in march is facing a preliminary hearing to determine if there is sufficient evidence for a court marshall. the sergeant is accused of leaving his base under cover of darkness and opening fire on civilians in at least two villages. several bombs have gone off in the bahraini capital killing two ex pat yot workers and killing a third. the blast was killed by five home-made devices. the state news agency described the explosions as acts of terrorism. you're watching "bbc world news america." still to come on tonight's program, fighting it out in florida. the u.s. presidential candidates pull out all the stops to win over this state. that's so pivotal with the voters. >> now
Nov 4, 2012 8:00pm PST
trying to reorganize their strategy. >> as the opposition leaders in syria gathered to reorganize this is part of a new image they are desperately wanting to show the world. >> this is a remote- controlled car bomb. no suicide bomber required. this could deliver a carload of explosives of up to 1 km away. and misfiles, wit -- missiles with syrian local gos.. using google maps. >> with the syrian local this is made from the national freedom of movement. its range is 6 km it is towards the checkpoint. they do not know what to think. the pre- syrian army have had a problem with ramshackle chaotic this is trying to reverse that problem. these images are being released the world. they are asking for outside help. >> for an organized professional to enforce and it is already moving forward in their arms capability, sophistication and they want to present themselves at preserving a greater external support. >> the united states once more battlefield commanders to chorem join they will be lucky to get mad as organized as these guys appear to be. they will get lucky to get-these guys as or
Nov 5, 2012 6:30pm EST
syria's civil war today. the assad dictatorship sent warplanes to bomb a town near the turkish border. human rights groups say at least 159 people were killed. this is one of the most violent days in months. the assad family has ruled the country for four decades. they're out to crush a rebellion that began with peaceful protests 19 months ago. at a military court hearing in washington state today prosecutors said they have what they call chilling evidence against staff sergeant robert bales. he's accused of the pre-meditated murder of 16 civilians in southern afghanistan, most of the victims women and children. the prosecutors say bales carried out one attack, then returned to his base before heading out to attack a second village. notorious boston mobster james "whitey" bulger, who spent 17 years in hiding before he was arrested last year, is in the hospital. the 83-year-old former leader of the winter hill gang is awaiting trial for 19 murders. he was taken from prison yesterday complaining of chest pains. gas lines straight out of the 1970s meet technology right out of the 1940s i
Nov 5, 2012 5:00am EST
. >>> a dozen people were injured when a bomb exploded outside a hotel in syria. the latest violence comes amid a push to work out a new proposal to end the 20-month-old civil war at the united nations. >>> how about a story to lighten your mood a bit? the capital christmas tree is on its way to washington. a 70-foot tall spruce cut down in colorado. the tree will be driven east nearly 4000 miles to the lawn of the u.s. capital for the holidays. >>> remember the weeks of waiting for the 2000 presidential election to be decided? coming up, one expert joins us with how voting irregularities might affect tomorrow's results. >>> rg iii reacts to the growing discontinue tent of the fans after a loss yesterday. >> whereis the love now. >>> and howard has some warmth waiting for us at the end of his 7-day forecast. we'll be right back. >>> good morning, welcome back to 9news now. 5:14 on this monday morning. the monday after a redskins loss, not always a good monday. >> all too frequently, unfortunately. >>> weather is going to be fine today and tomorrow. a little bit on the brisk side. ave
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
in the uprising in syria. at least 50 syrian soldiers were killed in a car bomb explosion in the central province of hamma. that's according to syrian activists. at least 20 rebel fighters were also killed today from a military air strike near damascus. the activists say government forces launched attacks in neighborhoods all over the country. more than 34,000 people have been killed in syrian violence over the past 19 months. >>> a hearing is under way right now for the american soldier accused of murdering 16 afghan civilians. prosecutors are laying out their case against staff sergeant robert bales at a military base in washington state. today they showed video of what they say is bales returning from his shooting spree in march. the hearing is expected to last about two weeks. it will determine if there's enough evidence for a court-martial. >>> the u.s. presidential elections are important to more than just americans. tonight people around the world feel that they have a stake in who wins tomorrow. israel overwhelmingly supports mitt romney because of hits outspoken comments
Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
not be in syria unless congress makes a declaration of war. we will not stay in afghanistan if i'm elected president unless congress makes a declaration of war. only by going through that constitutional process can we ensure that the will of the american people is addressed when we have issues like syria, afghanistan, and iraq. >> gary, this has to be rebuttal. do you want to rebut something, gary? >> i was opposed to going into iraq before we went into iraq. i did not think they had weapons of mass destruction. i thought if they had weapons of mass destruction, we have the capability to see weapons of mass destruction. afghanistan, i thought that was totally warranted. we were attacked, we attacked back. i would argue after having been in afghanistan for six months, we wiped out al-qaeda. that was 11 years ago. we should have gotten out of afghanistan 11 years ago. [applause] here we are now on iran. the demonstration after 9/11 was in iran by over one million citizens that showed up in support of the united states. and we're going to bomb iran? we're going to bomb the citizens of
FOX Business
Nov 5, 2012 11:00am EST
news minute. a car bombing in syria today. state media says the bomber targeted -- an autopsy is set to take place on a boy that was killed after falling into an exhibit of wild dogs at the pittsburgh zoo yesterday. the boy's mother put him on top of the railing and was immediately attacked. at the east coast, the cleanup after hurricane sandy. parts of the region are bracing for a nor'easter. the storm could hit new york and new jersey area wednesday with rain, cold temperatures and wind gusts. those are your news headlines on the fox business network. i am lauren green. now back to connell. connell: launching an investigation into post- sandy price gouging. he says he received hundreds of consumer complaints. according to the attorney general this includes the price of gasoline, but also home repair companies that are involved in the repair efforts. dagen: there over 16 working days left for congress until the fiscal cliff hits. that is when tax cuts expire and speaker john boehner is kick in. expecting a temporary pass. former congressman, former house majority, joining us now fro
Nov 5, 2012 6:00am EST
more indirectly. the middle east from syria to egypt. we don't know who our friends are and what the game is and europe. europe isn't fixed yet. europe is kicking the can down. they can't fix it without a devaluation of some kind. they can keep putting money into that. what does that mean to take the first one? the cliff. you need somebody who is a uniter and not a divider. this president proved that he's the class warfare divider. >> here's a cliff question. some people say that if romney wins, the good news is we won't hit the cliff at the end of the year. the bad news is we'll have uncertainty for nine months because we'll have to address the issue in the fall. is that a better outcome than if obama is in office? i don't know the answer. >> we need to bring people together. we need a uniter for that. we go to the regulatory wall that we talked about. we need somebody who understands the role of regulation in a capitalistic system. the president doesn't have the foggiest idea and he delegates that. >> it's more of the people he's given power to. >> because he doesn't have anything
Nov 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
ambassador to libya was recently killed by terrorists. syria has descend understood civil war and the arab spring has turned stormy. the united states sends hundreds of millions of dollars in federal aid to countries around the world, to democracies and dictators. what should be the basic guiding principles of american foreign policy? berg: fundamentally i have to say that freedom is something we need to encourage across the world but let me talk about christopher stevens and what happened there. his death along with three others is a tragedy. i know that has been in a lot of people's thoughts and prayers. we need to get to the bottom of that. and i'm not here to speculate who did what but we need to find out. the american people need to know. as the thing unfolds i hope it can be transparent and clear. two things will come out of that. number one, if there are people that made mistakes and need to be held accountable we can hold them accountable. also we can learn from that. so in the future if we have diplomats abroad we can insure we're protecting them. as it relates to other countries,
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)